Part 2 of the Adventures in Germany

Hello Everyone, and Happy Sunday! I apologize for the delay in posts…  just got a little behind. Anyway, here we go: When we last left off, I was in Munich, Germany for Schmuck – Jewellery Week.  Wearing the wrong shoes for walking but hanging out with some amazingly awesome friends from the states and seeingContinue reading “Part 2 of the Adventures in Germany”

Schmuck-Germany Adventure-Part 1!

Hello everyone, Let’s see, in the last post I traveled to Iceland.  The whole experience was incredible and I would love to go back and explore the country more.  My trip to Iceland seemed to only touch the surface of what Iceland has to offer and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to visit this beautifulContinue reading “Schmuck-Germany Adventure-Part 1!”

Day trip to London

Hello Everyone, I’ve only just realized that I have missed one bit of my adventures!!! Before Windsor Castle, and just before playing in the forge at UCA with Julian Coode I decided to pop up to London on Saturday February 21st to visit UK Parliament.  I wanted this trip to be an easy day, just aContinue reading “Day trip to London”