Lets be tourists in London

No really though, lets go be tourists in London.

Hello everyone,
Sunday the 24th and  Monday the 25th were some incredible adventures.  I’ve managed to meet some very caring, cool, laid back little group of people who enjoy site seeing just as much as I do.  I mean lets look at it for real…  They live here, work here, go to school and still come along with my “Wee, lets go be tourists!” attitude.  I’ve purchased memberships to a few historical organizations in order to get into estates, palaces, castles, ruins, etc all throughout England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  Since my journeys to Bath and my gallivanting around Hampton Court I’ve finally traveled via train into London.  I did however make the big rookie mistake… I forgot to charge the GoPro and it died on me right at the get go.  No worries, this will only be what I imagine to be many trips into the city.  Here are just a few phone pictures of my adventure with Hannah, Vince, Nick, and Kelly on Saturday January 31st, 2015:

The trip was short, but tons of fun.  I had been nervous to just hop on the train and head into the city, but with this little excursion under my belt, I’m feeling more confident there are adventures to come.  **note to self… less of a pub crawl and no day drinking next time haha**  There are soo many things in London to see.  Just a few places on my list: Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Jack the Ripper ghost tour, Globe Theatre, Victoria & Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace. I’m getting ampted to head back just thinking of it all.

Tonight, Wednesday February 4th, 2015 the housemates and I (Hannah, Vince, Lilla) made a family dinner of a British/gluten free version of Taco Tuesday = Taco Wednesday!  Hannah made these brilliant homemade tortilla/flat breads (gluten free) and chili, and we put together the works: guacamole, salsa, corn chips with cheese, etc. etc.  AMAZING!  I am stuffed, tired and ready for bed. It’s well past midnight here and I have Uni in the morning.

The only thing planned so far this weekend is Pancake Sunday.  Lilla is making Hungarian style pancakes!!!  Cannot Wait to try them.
Studio post coming soon… no worries  🙂
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I think that’s all – until next time, take care and good night.
-Meredith S. Tibjash

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