Part 2 of the Adventures in Germany

Hello Everyone, and Happy Sunday! I apologize for the delay in posts…  just got a little behind. Anyway, here we go: When we last left off, I was in Munich, Germany for Schmuck – Jewellery Week.  Wearing the wrong shoes for walking but hanging out with some amazingly awesome friends from the states and seeingContinue reading “Part 2 of the Adventures in Germany”

Schmuck-Germany Adventure-Part 1!

Hello everyone, Let’s see, in the last post I traveled to Iceland.  The whole experience was incredible and I would love to go back and explore the country more.  My trip to Iceland seemed to only touch the surface of what Iceland has to offer and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to visit this beautifulContinue reading “Schmuck-Germany Adventure-Part 1!”

Lets be tourists in London

No really though, lets go be tourists in London. Hello everyone, Sunday the 24th and  Monday the 25th were some incredible adventures.  I’ve managed to meet some very caring, cool, laid back little group of people who enjoy site seeing just as much as I do.  I mean lets look at it for real…  TheyContinue reading “Lets be tourists in London”