North Carolina Adventure

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.  My adventure to North Carolina was a Blast!  I got to work with some amazing bladesmiths.  Here’s how the weekend went: I left Cleveland on Wednesday February 6th, 2013 at around 9am.  Drove my butt off through the mountains of West Virginia, through Virginia, theContinue reading “North Carolina Adventure”

A knife show? at Canton Museum of Art? Yes Please!

Hello Everyone, I found out recently that Canton Museum of Art was opening a new show all on Knives! and on the opening there was going to be a Hammer-In with some local knife makers? So what did I do? I hurried my butt down to Canton to check out the opening.  I have someContinue reading “A knife show? at Canton Museum of Art? Yes Please!”

Forging Entrepreneurs

SNAG Presents “Forging Entrepreneurs: Tools and Skills for Business Success” in collaboration with the Society for Contemporary Craft,     August 25th and 26th 2012 Speakers included: Michelle Pajak-Reynolds Artist Entrepreneur Find and Build your Customer Base Brigitte Martin Goldsmith, Crafthaus Founder, Author What It Really Takes to be a Successful Artist Now Wayne Werner Fine Jeweler SuccessContinue reading “Forging Entrepreneurs”

Knife Making Worksop 2012

UPDATE!!! Knife Making Workshop in Riverton, Wyoming with Mike and Audra Draper June 17th-24th, 2012 The first time I attended this workshop back in 2009, it opened my eyes to a whole new avenue.  I loved every aspect of making the full tang blade; from forging the Damascus, designing the blade shape and formingContinue reading “Knife Making Worksop 2012”

Continuing Education- a Class at Cleveland Institute of Art

After my adventures this year: Arrowmont            3/20-4/22 SNAG                        5/23-5/26 Knife Workshop   6/17-6/24 (just to name a few), I was feeling a little… lost, creatively.  I had done these amazing things, learned a lot of new information, met amazingContinue reading “Continuing Education- a Class at Cleveland Institute of Art”