Tudors/Castles/Ruins… Oh My!

Hello All, My last post was last Friday, since then I’ve managed to settle in a bit more, and have a few more adventures!  Let’s get caught up, shall we?!  **Nerd Alert**  While in England, I have noticed my history nerd coming out more and more – I love it!  However, the more places, palaces,Continue reading “Tudors/Castles/Ruins… Oh My!”

Is this real life!?

Hello Everyone! For people who know me, this trip has been on and off for over a year now…  For anyone new joining in (Welcome!), I was accepted to an Artist Residency at the University for the Creative Arts in June 2013, to join from August 2013 – September 2014 (ish).  Unfortunately, things did not come together andContinue reading “Is this real life!?”

Closing 2014 and on to the Next Frontier

As the year begins to close I’m met with a whirlwind of options, opportunities, new challenges and a different outlook. After Touchstone, I’ve moved back home to Cleveland, Ohio, unemployed, living back with my mom and preparing for my next adventure come January 2015. I have to say, it is an odd feeling being backContinue reading “Closing 2014 and on to the Next Frontier”

New Adventures – Fall 2014

Hello everyone, With the summer at a close, my days at Beachwood Life Time Fitness hopefully behind me, and a new journey in the forefront starting with Touchstone Center for Crafts. September 2014: Joined by Nicolette Absil (small metals), Greg Orloff (small metals), Samantha Momeyer (ceramics), and Bryce Hemington (ceramics) we embarked on a 2 monthContinue reading “New Adventures – Fall 2014”