Welcome to Iceland…!!!

Welcome to Iceland…  !!!

 (thank you SNL)
this was a bit of the theme during this trip… we even added to the song.

Day 1: Fist official day in Iceland.  Wednesday March 4th, 2015.  Tourist/Wander Day
I stayed at SUNNA Guesthouse, in the center of Reykjavik.  When I step out of my hotel, I am stopped by the epic Cathedral that is Hallgrímskirkja (Hall-grim-skir-kya  sounding ish but roll those r’s!)  At first… the weather appeared to be taking a queue from what I had been hearing from home; a winter disaster storm.  Thankfully, the snowing quickly subsided and other than it being pretty chilly out, the air was crisp and wonderful.

Here is a photo journey through Day 1:

Day 2:  Thursday March 5th, 2015. More wandering and site seeing, and even some shopping. We ate a hotdog at the must-do hotdog stand.  Maya and I walked Forever around the entire docks to visit a large sculpture called a Þúfa which translates into “Mound” and is by the visual artist Ólöf Nordal and was commissioned by fishing processing company HB Grandi.  Day 2 also was our Northern Lights excursion, sadly the lights did not come out.  Maybe tomorrow night we’ll be lucky…

Again… a photo journey of Day 2:

Day 3: Friday March 6th, 2015.  Checked out of SUNNA Guesthouse and going to crash at Maya’s for the last night.  Today’s adventure in Iceland is the Golden Circle Tour… snowy, windy and cold.  Beautiful non the less, but a little difficult to see the mountains and country side. Are you ready for today’s photo journey, it’s a long one…  Here goes:

We were supposed to go to a geothermal spa on this day’s adventure… however they put us on the wrong bus.  Thankfully, we got back early enough to join a late geothermal spa tour which included dinner.  Outdoor hot springs and sauna at Fontana Wellness.  What a great way to wind down the evening.  No northern lights again, which means I may need to come back to Iceland another time (oh darn… she says sarcastically).

By the time we made it back to the hotel, it was nearly 1am and I needed to leave around 5am for my shuttle to the airport (45 minutes away). So of course, Maya and I ventured out for a beer at Kiki’s Queer Bar.  Dance floor with bar on one floor with lounge and casual chill on the second floor.

Up at 5am, shuttle to airport, flight back to the UK, train back to Farnham and walk back to the house from Farnham train station.  Thankfully, the sun was shining, flowers were out and my walk back to the house was gorgeous.

I think that’s about it for Iceland.  It may have been cold and snowy, and we didn’t get to see the northern lights, but I would recommend going for sure.  The air was soo crisp, the water was amazingly clean and refreshing and I will definitely need to head back one day. Maybe on my way back to the states???  haha.
Anyway, a few days rest and repack for Munich!!!  So stay tuned.

Until next time, take care.
-Meredith S. Tibjash

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