This is my kind of March Madness!

Hello Everyone.

I am kicking off March as my unofficial extra travel month.  I have been traveling like crazy and this post will actually be split into 3 or 4.
Here’s the rundown:
-March 3rd I head to Windsor Castle – home to Her Majesty The Queen.  Iceland 3rd-7th, meeting up with my friend Maya and her mom Nanc.  To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, or what I wanted to do, no expectations, only that I wanted to come home with a wool sweater… and if possible, see the Northern Lights.  Next up was Munich Jewellery Week, Schuck (which is the German word for Jewelry – it’s also spelled “Jewellery” in Europe) March 11th-17th.  Heading out on a lucky number and meeting up with a few SNAG friends!  Finally (the only bit that hasn’t happened yet), I head to Sheffield this week from March 20th-26th.  Get to hang out in knife maker central for UK! With a wrap up night in London checking out a Jack the Ripper Tour and possibly the Tower of London on the 27th. Very excited!  🙂

Soo much inspiration, passion, cool sights and sounds.  Some amazing jewelry, great company, new friends and some unexpected surprises.  This month has been unbelievable and it isn’t even over yet!  I wont leave you in suspense any longer.

So let’s begin.

This trip caught me off guard.  I felt unprepared and didn’t know what I wanted to do/see while I was in Iceland, but excited for it non the less.  I also decided to kick off this trip with a day visit to Windsor Castle before taking off to Iceland.  I left Farnham in the morning, hopped on the train and headed to Windsor Castle.  A beautiful castle, home to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself, and yes, she was home (and sadly no, I did not see her).  While standing within the courtyard, I lucked out in seeing a changing of the guard.

Once inside the main gate, you essentially have to walk around the entire castle to get inside giving you a 360 view of the grand structure before entering, and a view of city of Windsor itself, as the castle is set atop a hill.  The Castle consists of one main round tower and rectangular buildings surrounding almost acting as a wall.  Then the whole castle itself is surrounded by a wall and it is atop a hill. Sadly, are no pictures allowed within the state apartments of Windsor Castle, so I went cheese-tastic on the photos outside… and managed 1 or 2 pictures of the inside.


I was most impressed with the arms and armory display inside.  A multitude of styles and fashions of knives, daggers, swords, shields, belt buckles, locks, keys, staffs, etc. I think I spent a good hour or 2 just walking from case to case in this one room.  I tried to see if the Armourer was in, he wasn’t, however I did send out an email; keep your fingers crossed on a response.

After wondering around Windsor all day, I hopped in a cab to the airport and set off for Iceland!  Arriving in Iceland at around 11:30pm and bussing it into Reykjavik which was another 45 minutes away, I was soo pumped!!!  I really wish I had brought my DSLR for this trip, the GoPro was just not cutting it, so I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos.  On the plus side, Maya had her DSLR and took some Amazing photo’s so I shall intermix her photo’s with mine to give you a better perspective.

Get ready… Iceland is up next.
Until next time, take care.
-Meredith S. Tibjash




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