Day trip to London

Hello Everyone,

I’ve only just realized that I have missed one bit of my adventures!!!

Before Windsor Castle, and just before playing in the forge at UCA with Julian Coode I decided to pop up to London on Saturday February 21st to visit UK Parliament.  I wanted this trip to be an easy day, just a visit to Big Ben, a jaunt around the Palace of Westminster, and maybe a walk along the south bank before heading back to Farnham.  It took a minute for me to find my way inside, as the ticket office is down the street and around the corner… however, once through the gate I was taken aback at the grand size of the entrance hall.  I later learned that the grand ceiling woodwork was made in Farnham.

This place was massive in scale. UK Parliament is made up of a series of buildings.  My objective, House of Commons and the Palace of Westminster. The visit was self toured with a remote operated audio guide.  This device was full of fun facts and interesting details.  Sadly, the inside of the House of Commons does not permit photographs, and at one point I was even made to take off my hat (and called a sir).  There were a few moments in which I took the opportunity to sit down and sketch a few details of the architecture or just sat to people watch, but mostly just enjoyed the history and my wandering about.   I did manage to snap a few photos before leaving:

After Westminster, I walked a bit around London, stopping at Westminster Abbey (although it was closed) and then along the south bank of river.  Before I knew it, I had made my way all the way around to Shakespear’s Globe Theater.  Feeling rather exhausted at this point and still needing to walk back, I headed back towards Waterloo Station to head home.  Here are a few more photos from my day:

I think that’s about it for this post…  Keep an eye out for my next post about what happened in Iceland!
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Until next time, take care.

-Meredith S. Tibjash


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