An English Birthday

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all have been doing well and keeping busy.
Let’s see, since the last post to London, not too much has been going so this post is going to be a little choppy in its updates.  First and foremost, I have been getting my butt in gear in the studio and starting a few projects.
Here are a few Studio photos for your enjoyment.  More to come on the last 2 soon:

While things in the studio are moving a little slower than I’d hoped (however I am working on it), I’ve also put my mother on a job back home.  Her mission: to find out what part of Slovenia our family is from…  so I can visit!  So far, no info, but she did find a picture of my Grandma Wilma from 1948!  Take a look! If I had to guess, Id say she’s about 20 years old here.



On the other end of things, when the studio is open between 9am -5pm Monday-Friday only, it causes for an abundance of extra fun time.  So I have been spending this week with exploring the area a bit more, intermixed with birthday surprises – Thank you soo much to my family and especially my mom for all the cards and valentines!!!!
Take a look:

Thank you also to my friends here in the UK for making me feel very welcome and a part of something for my birthday 🙂  You’ve made it wonderful, Thank you.

To end this chopped up post, please keep an eye out soon for more adventures…  on the upcoming list: London, Windsor Castle, Iceland, Munich and who else knows!!!!
Please make sure to check out my Instagram feed (mstibj) and my ongoing fundraiser ( for cool rewards in thanks for your donation!

Until next time, take care.
-Meredith S. Tibjash



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