Summer Fun

Hello everyone,

It’s the Summer!  Which means beautiful weather and lots of people at the pool…
Which also means – no real news for this Aquatics manager…

Anyway, here’s the look at what happened with me this summer:

June 2014:
Hmm… I really had to think about this one…  Not much to report from what I can remember.
Just working at the pool – teaching swim lessons, paying bills and hanging out.
Also, told my boss that I will no longer be working at Life Time Fitness come the end of August.


July 2014:
4th of July! Happy Independence Day!
This year I spent the nations independence holiday with my girlfriend. Simple outing with some friends while watching the fireworks. (this girl has me hooked)

Jill and Pat’s Wedding! Which Alyssa (my girlfriend) came with as my date.  The first time I have ever brought a date to a wedding 🙂

Then, later in the month, Alyssa and I went camping with her parents.  It rained… the entire weekend.  What a great way to break in my new Keens!

Otherwise, work work work in preparation for leaving Life Time.

August 2014:
This was a HUGE month.
It starts off with my cousin Lauren venturing off to Alaska to fulfill a childhood dream.  Talk about your inspiration!  To read more about her trip, you can read the article here.

I also ended my 3+ year experience at Life Time Fitness.  Thank you team for making LTF a fun place to be.

Next up on my August line-up: a week long adventure vacation with Alyssa to Nashville (and may other places) for Nicole and Luke’s wedding.  I had the honor of making their wedding bands.
Here’s a run through of our jam packed adventure:

Thursday night – head to Cincinnati for the night from Cleveland.
Friday – Cincinnati Aquarium, pit stop to Horse Cave and zip line, then off to Nashville
Saturday – Nashville – Wedding Reception! followed by dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant and a quick trip to the Grand Ole Opry
Sunday – Nashville hang out, then off to Chattanooga to surprise Alyssa with a 3D I-Max movie and the Tennessee Aquarium.  Afterwards, off to Atlanta for “dinner.”
“Dinner” in Atlanta and off to “check out” the Georgia Aquarium to scope out the area when we “come back” on our next vacation trip.
Once in downtown Atlanta, we pulled into the CNN Center Omni Hotel to “park” and walk around.
Oh, did I forget to mention that we had reservations and surprise, going to the Georgia Aquarium all day Monday (it’s the largest aquarium in the world) with VIP, All Access Passes with backstage tour.  🙂
Monday – Georgia Aquarium then off to Alyssa’s cousins for the night
Tuesday – Swan House in Atlanta, then to Gatlinburg, TN to show Alyssa around Arrowmont School of Art and Craft – the Watering Hole in the Smokey Mountains and the strip. Finally off to Asheville, NC for the evening.
Wednesday – Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC for most of the day, with cool backstage architect’s tour where we got to go on to the roof.  The local town also had a blacksmith shop we were able to visit, and finally the long 8+ hour drive back home to Cleveland.
It was a perfect trip.  Check out the pics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congrats and Best wishes Nicole and Luke!

After this amazing trip, I head to DC for about a week.  My cousin Lauren was just accepted to grad school at American University and I went to visit and see how she was settling in.  During my visit Lauren received a surprise visit from Jackie (her sister) and Colleen (our cousin).  We did some site seeing, got tattoo’s, met up with our other cousin Kelly and little Jacob for dinner, had a slumber party and watched A League of their Own, and had a blast.  Here are some pics from our cousins weekend!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

August was a thoroughly jam packed  month. So much that went on, and so much traveling all leading up to my upcoming adventures at Touchstone Center for Crafts; more to come on that in my next post.

Well, I think I mentioned everything… haha.
So, until next time, take care.
-Meredith S. Tibjash


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