Spring is in the Air

Hello Everyone,

A lot has happened during April and May… here’s a in depth look
And I forgot to mention, in March, I met a girl  🙂  more to come on her later…

April 2014:
This month, I embark on a journey to Minneapolis, Minnesota for The Society of North American Goldsmith‘s (SNAG) annual conference.  This year, I made it in as a New Professional Work Exchange!  This means that in exchange for working at the conference for 6-10 hours, I received a discount on the registration cost.  Win Win!  I love SNAG.  The people are just so friendly and passionate.  I always feel inspired when I am around my SNAG family. It’s a chance to reconnect with friends I see every year.  A chance to build connections, and a way to network and make new friends.
While at this years Conference, I took my opportunity to become more involved with SNAG and offered to update some very outdated educational and craft center directories.  Its just a start, but I want to help out if I can.


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May 2014:
In order to keep the excitement going, this month, I venture to Touchstone Center for Crafts with my good friend and fellow metalsmith Amy Green for their first annual Alchemist Picnic; hosted by Wayne Werner.
What a blast!  Touchstone is a beautiful campus nestled right in the Pennsylvania mountains.  This event was very laid back; sitting around campfires, artist demo’s -from Wayne Werner, Sharon Massey, and Todd Pownell, great food, and metalsmiths.  What more could a girl ask for?!  A way for students, professionals and makers to come together and share knowledge and professional journeys.
Also that weekend at Touchstone was their annual Jim Campbell Hammer-In.  A “Hammer-In” if you are not familiar, is a blacksmithing conference/get together.  Blacksmiths from around the area gather in one place for demos, tool swap, and general knowledge sharing.

I was on information overload!

While at Touchstone I also had a great conversation with their previous executive director Adam Kenney, who urged me to apply for their Artist in Residence program.  A chance to work for 2 months continuously without distraction from a daytime job.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  As you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity and applied as soon as I was home.
The whole experience was packed with excitement and new friends.  Also there for the Alchemist Picnic was Nicolette Absil, an amazing artist and individual who’s work with enamel and drawing is beautiful to say the least.

**Spoiler Alert**
I got accepted to Touchstone Center for Crafts as their Blacksmith Resident!!!  I’ll be living at Touchstone from September through October (maybe a bit longer).  More to come soon.

Let the making begin!

I would also like to give a shout out to my friends Leah and Joe, who got married this month!  Congratulation and Best wishes to you both!!!

Until next time,

-Meredith S. Tibjash

P.S. – personal note – I really like this girl 🙂


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