End of Summer 2013

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while, my apologies.  Here’s what the end of summer brought about:
August 2013.
Still trying to figure out England…  however figuring out just how to be in England for one whole year is proving more difficult than expected. Visitor (General) Visa’s only allow you to be in the UK for 3 months, then you can apply to renew the visa for an additional 3 months.  After that 6 months, you have to leave the country for 3 months before applying for another visitor (general) visa (up to another 6 month stay).
More research is required… we shall see.

This summer, my giant crazy family has decided (and has planned a year in advance) to take a break from the hum drum of everyday life and take a week vacation on the beach in Hilton Head, North Carolina. We decided to rent 3 houses (only way to fit us all) near the beach.  Each house was 3 stories, had their own pool, hot tub, and shared a courtyard/driveway.  So, like any crazy family trip we all packed into cars and drove down to Hilton Head, North Carolina.
I believe the final count of how many of us went, was 36-40 adults with about 7 children under the age of 7.  Craziness!  Hence the need for a few houses.
This vacation was a wonderful break from the day-to-day drawl.  I was determined to knock a few things off my bucket list, and did.  Here are some photos from this Adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I not only managed to get in some relaxation and reading, but also had some pretty incredible experiences with my cousins that we will talk about for years to come.  Parasailing, Tubing, an afternoon on a boat, jet skiing, ghost tour in Savannah and even saw some dolphins.
The day trip to Savannah, GA for the ghost tour was really interesting, absolutely beautiful, and I would love to visit again some day and do more exploring.  Our tour guide (who’s name escapes me at the moment) in Savannah was pretty cool, very friendly and very knowledgeable about the history of Savannah.  We particularly loved the fact that we could walk the streets of Savannah with a(n alcoholic) beverage. Icing to cake during any vacation.

This trip was exactly what I needed, an escape and a change to re-energize.


MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED!  and I was in the wedding… here you go folks, take it all in, cause I would only wear this much pink (or any pink for that matter) for a few select people!
Congratulations to Kelly and Lee Chalmers!
Photo’s courtesy of Carrie Vibbert at The Fence Photography, who did an amazing job photographing the wedding, making us all look good, and helping me out with a few photos of the head piece that Kelly wore for her wedding.   The head piece is sterling silver with fresh water pearls, CZ crystals (for the sparkle) and sapphires (to match the blue from Kelly’s engagement ring).
Check out some of the photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think that is all I have for the end of the summer.
Stay tuned for the thrilling changes to come this Fall.
Until next time, take care

-Meredith S. Tibjash


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