Spring 2013

Hello Everyone,

It has been an interesting couple of months. Which means this is going to be a 2 part post.

Part 1: Spring

Back in February I took an adventure to North Carolina where I met up with Master Bladesmith Daniel Warren, and Journeyman Smith Bill Wiggins.  After work with them for a few days, and making a blade, I ventured further east to make another blade with Journeyman Smith Scott McGhee.  Both experiences taught me a lot and I cant wait to continue learning.
Now that you’re caught up, here is what has been going on since…

In March, I continued to fill out applications to residency programs and studio assistantships in hopes that I would be able to gain access to a studio full time to make work.
I also was lucky enough to participate in a weekend Powder Coating workshop with Michael Dale Bernard at Edinboro University.

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As April came I found out that I had been chosen as 1 of 4 finalists for the Blacksmithing Apprenticeship at The Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee!  As the interview process continued I found that I lacked in some skills necessary for their requirements (no welding experience….), so unfortunately I was not accepted for the position.  The Metal Museum staff however were very nice seemed genuinely interested in helping me succeed.  I hope I can visit Memphis soon!

Also in April, my cousin Lauren and I took a trip to Arizona for our friends Mary Beth and Ben’s wedding.  It was a short trip, Thursday through Sunday however the ceremony was gorgeous and I am glad we went.  Lauren and I flew in and out of Phoenix, AZ, rented a car, and drove the 2+ hours north to Sedona.   We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the entire Bray family previously (bachelorette party) and knew we would have a great time.

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Oh, did I mention on Sunday, the morning after the reception, Lauren and I woke up Early and drove 2 hours north to the Grand Canyon!!!  We stayed for about 20 minutes then drove 4 hours south ( back through Sedona) to Phoenix in order to catch our flight back to Ohio at 3pm.  LOVED IT!

As we switch over to May, I have to mention the Closing Reception for my friend Jessica Armstong that happened on May 3rd.  She finished her MFA at Edinboro University and totally Rocked it out.  You can check out work, and see what she’s up to now at: JessicaArmstrongDesigns.com
Way to go Jess!

As May continues, I am still filling out applications and trying to find other opportunities for the year while getting ready for this year’s SNAG conference in Toronto, Canada!

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Special shout out to Erica Hoosic, Kate Cosden, Lydia Martin.  Thank you for an awesome conference!
I love the SNAG conferences, they are an excellent networking opportunity and amazingly helpful way of getting involved more within the jewelry and metals community.  Cant wait until 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota!

What a busy spring!
Well, this concludes part 1, stay tuned for part 2 of my adventures, Summer 2013!

Take care until next time,
-Meredith S. Tibjash


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