New start

I must apologize.

I have been horrible with keeping up with events in 2012, however I hope to ratify this in 2013.
So here goes…

The start of this year Sucked! Well, the end of last year had me in a funk and it continued on into 2013 and lasted for most of January.
It is now February, my birthday month and I aim to change things; stir up some trouble and start moving forward.

I have been in progress of applying to multiple residency programs and even a grad school.  Most of the deadlines are still to come, however I have already managed to miss 1.  The reason being:  I just do not have enough work.  I find this ironic considering this is the main reason why I think a residency program would be great for me right now.  Uninterrupted work time, with no outside work distractions.  A designated time to just MAKE WORK!

No worries, though.  I have moved on from the shame of missing one deadline and will now put forth all of my efforts toward the upcoming target dates.

This week, I will embark on an adventure the 8 hours to North Carolina, where I will meet up with Master Smith Dan Warren, and Journeyman Smith Bill Wiggins for a 2 day-ish workshop, then travel another 5 and a half hours east to the coast for a day and a half workshop with Journeyman Smith Scott McGhee.
I am super exited to work with these gentleman, gain some new knowledge and direction.

Within the workshops, I hope to obtain a better understanding of grinding work and sharpening along with heat treating techniques.  The goal is to be able to do some of this work on my own toward the summer time.

Cant wait to share the pics of what I have made!!!

Until then, take care

P.S. I will also post a new tentative schedule of events for the upcoming year.  This way I am held accountable for the show of progress!  🙂

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank You


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