A knife show? at Canton Museum of Art? Yes Please!

Hello Everyone,

I found out recently that Canton Museum of Art was opening a new show all on Knives! and on the opening there was going to be a Hammer-In with some local knife makers?
So what did I do?

I hurried my butt down to Canton to check out the opening.  I have some friends in the Canton area, so I gave them a ring and met up with the both of them on the semi rainy Friday afternoon to check out the knife show and speak with some bladesmiths.

The show was pretty cool.  We got to check out lots of different styles of blades and I even recognized a few.

While there, I met and spoke with a gentleman who makes Damascus: Dan McMullen.
Really nice guy, makes Damascus in his spare time as a hobby.
I managed to bring the 2 knives I have made and got some great responses.

Wonderful adventure and made a few Great Connections!

Sorry this one is short.  I missed most of the Hammer-In and just caught a few bladesmiths for a quick word, but saw the show and met Dan.  I call that a win 🙂

Until next time.

-Meredith S. Tibjash


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