Continuing Education- a Class at Cleveland Institute of Art

After my adventures this year:
Arrowmont            3/20-4/22
SNAG                        5/23-5/26
Knife Workshop   6/17-6/24

(just to name a few), I was feeling a little… lost, creatively.  I had done these amazing things, learned a lot of new information, met amazing new people, gone on some great adventures… but now what.

At home, I managed, with the help of my Uncle, to put together a studio in the basement.  The only problem I was facing was the lack of creativity altogether at home. In order to help break this creative brick wall, I found an outlet.  Thankfully, I live in Cleveland, Ohio; and with Cleveland, come Cleveland Museum of Art (CIA).  CIA has a great continuing education program, through which I enrolled in an Advanced Jewelry and Metals class.  It took a while to get myself enrolled in the program; I had to convince the university that I was in fact an advanced student.

The class was not quite what I expected, but it got my hands working, and gave me access to studio tools I still do not have accessibility to.  Every Tuesday from 6-9pm I spent my time at CIA’s Metals’ studio.  My time there allowed for some creative juices to start flowing again, and I even managed to do a demo or 2 for the class on techniques they had not learned.

I’m not sure if I’ll be taking another class at CIA, but I made a few friends, and it got the gears moving again artistically.
It wasn’t the end all to save all creatively, but it kept me motivated



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