My name is Meredith Tibjash.
I am an artist, metalsmith, beginner blacksmith, apprentice bladesmith, furniture maker, plant lover, travel seeker and adventurer.

Life is full of choices.
We choose our own paths to see where they lead in the hopes of finding happiness and fulfillment.  Some paths we choose on a whim not knowing where it will take us. Some paths are carefully planned out to take us in a specific direction.  All choices take patience. Enjoy which ever path you choose.  Know you can always turn around or change direction. Enjoy life and the people that life paths bring you to interact with.
Be kind.
Give support to those around you.
Love unconditionally and truthfully.
Trust yourself and Live.
Take the lessons that come your way and let them build on your character.  Be the person you choose.

Feel free to check out my blog, see the things I’ve been working on, or just check out whats new – life my new business venture!!! – Plantwood Parlour.  Use the links on the top of this page to help guide you.
I hope you enjoy.

Take care, and don’t be a stranger.
-Meredith S. Tibjash

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